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Question on PSN


I got another email from Sony saying that the price will be updated the 22nd, I'm aware of that. However, the way it's written, it's like I'll loose my account on the 22nd, though I have paid for a complete year back in August...
Dear valued PlayStation Plus member,

Your auto-renew has been turned off for your current PlayStation Plus membership due to one of the following reasons:

• We announced that membership prices will be increasing on September 22nd, 2016, and after informing you via email of this change, we did not receive a response that you would like to continue your membership at the new price.
• You responded to our email and confirmed that you would like to cancel your membership when the new price takes effect.

If you would like to make sure your membership continues without any interruption you can do so by:
1. Sign in to PlayStation®Network on your PlayStation
2. Go to [Account Management] > [Transaction Management] > [Services List].
3. After selecting your PlayStation Plus, select [Restart Automatic Renewal].

We thank you for your ongoing support.
I guess it's poor wording but it's the same sentence in French...

I don't want to turn on auto-renew because I'm not quite sure I'll continue next year. But I don't want to loose my paid subscription just "right now" because of the price hike.

Any idea?
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Sounds good to me, no poor wording or anything like that. Just letting you know that auto renew has been turned off, so once whatever subscription you currently have expires, there will be no auto renewal. Pretty straight forward.
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I got sent the same email yet my subscription ends in 2022. Don't worry about it.