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Question: Washer/Dryer Purchase & Haul-Away

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Jun 2, 2019
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Question: Washer/Dryer Purchase & Haul-Away

Hi there!

I recently moved into an apartment that has a older one-piece laundry centre where the washer and dryer is connected and located inside a closet that has a sprinkler on the ceiling right ontop of the dryer. We got a home inspection report that advised that new hoses are recommended. We don't know the specifics but we suspect the laundry centre is20 years old. It's still working fine but we expect to change it next on our list of to-dos. We requested for a plumber to come in and change some other plumbing fixtures but we've been asked to move the laundry centre out ourselves in order for maintenance to be done at the back.

I'm now wondering if this isn't worthwhile and whether we should just move up our schedule for buying a new washer and dryer so that new hoses could be put in and the unit could be rid of once and for all.

Would anyone have had this experience where they purchased a new washer and dryer and replaced their laundry centre? And if so, where did you purchase them from and is the charge for haulaway the same for laundry centres? Anyone have stories with how the haul-away went with the laundry centre? Is it difficult? Please help!
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Feb 11, 2007
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Usually someone will buy your old washer/dryer if they work. That's what I did with my old units.
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engineered wrote: Usually someone will buy your old washer/dryer if they work. That's what I did with my old units.

Stackable compact units that are popular with apts & condos are very expensive new

(Although not as expensive as a full size stackable set)

So if the unit works I would certainly suggest you sell it to someone else, and have them arrange for the removal.
(It’s a case of turning off the water to the appliance ... usually a shut off valve nearby ... draining the hoses)

I would sell it stating that it’s used, and for best results could use new hoses

As for new units...

As I stated above now there are far more options than in the past

If you have a lot of space you might be able to stack full size units with the proper hardware / stacking kit

Or if not ... you’ll want to do another compact set
Like this = ... 1000608181

Or this = ... 1000392879

Have arranged the 3 options here largest to smallest size wise

Either type you’ll find at the likes of Appliance Stores, Dept Stores, Furniture Stores, or Costco, Home Depot, Lowes etc

Just be aware of what in the Purchase is and is not included ... Delivery (curbside / in home) - Installation (hoses are often extra) - or Removal of old appliances.

So ASK QUESTIONS ... and truly understand what’s what so you can compare prices store to store
Aug 30, 2019
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Usually a person will buy your antique washing machine/dryer in the event that they work. That's what I did with my old units.


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