Questions regarding on how to obtain HBO max in Canada

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Questions regarding on how to obtain HBO max in Canada

So I’m interested in hbo max, because crave is limited to 1080p, and there’s no 4k, no hdr, and no dolby vision.

So i did a search on google. I think the only viable method for me is to use itunes gift cards. Are itunes cards, and Apple gift cards the same thing?

I understand you need to setup a US Apple account. Do you need a US credit card on file? If not, will my cdn credit card work? Or do i buy US gift cards through my gift card supply? Fyi, I don’t have a US credit card, nor do i have access to one.

I read that discovery and hbo max is going to merge into one app soon. Can you still use itunes/apple gift cards towards this in the future?

I’m already aware that you need a vpn before anything else. I just don’t want to pay for a 1 year subscription to a vpn, just to find out I can’t use hbo max without a US credit card.
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Certain shows and movies on Crave are in 4K like The Last of Us and House of the Dragon. No HDR though yet.
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If you want to subscribe to HBOMax via USA iTunes account:

1) create a USA iTunes account without a VPN;
2) add a CA credit card to the USA iTunes account if you are able to convert the card's CA billing address to an equivalent USA address. If you can't add a CA credit card to the USA account, you can buy iTunes e-gift cards directly from Apple USA and pay using a CA credit card. Add these cards to the USA account;
3) log into the USA store on an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV and install the HBOMax app; and
4) open the HBOMax app with a VPN or DNS service running and subscribe using your CA credit card or iTunes gift card balance.

If you have a Android phone or tablet:

1) install the HBOMax app to the phone or tablet;
2) use a VPN to create an Argentina Gmail account;
3) set VPN to Argentina and log into the Play Store with the Argentina Gmail account
4) open the HBOMax app to subscribe with a CA credit card. Best deal is to sub for 1 year. Note that the prices shown do not include a 65% VAT imposed by the Argentina government;
5) use a VPN set to USA to watch HBOMax.


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