To Quit or to Get Terminated?

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Nov 2, 2013
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Gibsons wrote: The contract that we sign states that the company "can terminate at any time, for any reason". Don't know if that's legal or not, but I have my doubts about some of the workplaces I've had the displeasure of working at since Covid screwed up my longtime employer and my job there.

If they don't have to give notice, I certainly will not as well.
Even without that clause, they can, IF
(a) you're on probation (typucally employed for <90 days), or
(b) they pay you what the notice would had been worth in wages ('termination pay' or 'pay in lieu of...'), following statutory minimums. E.g., 2 weeks worth for 1 year employed.

(b) usually is desirable since if you're told you're terminated, you're unlikely to be valuable to the employer during the notice period.
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