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Range / Oven shopping

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Feb 28, 2005
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Range / Oven shopping

Been shopping for an oven for like a month now!

It feels like they all have problems of some kind.

My criteria: Electric smoothtop (non induction), convection, 30" wide

GE: seems highly rated by ConsumersReport, but the knobs are plastic! Only defect, but it's a big one

Samsung: No warranty support (only brand with metal knobs tho)

LG: Some models have dangerous cooktop temperature (on the front bumper side). Also, no knobs (kind of want metal knobs)

Has someone gone thru oven shopping lately to shed some light?

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Dec 4, 2011
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Super happy with our Frigidaire Gallery (induction, no knobs but they have other models) range, had a Samsung we hated before that only lasted 8 years. Paid slightly over $1200 for it, we didn't have time to shop around but am OK with the price paid since we really like this range.
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Dec 14, 2011
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Don't get Samsung, trust me as well.

In the future, I will try to avoid buying kitchen appliances from an electronics company.

Pay for the stupid warranty. I paid for it because the induction cooktop is expensive to replace. Turns out the oven part crapped out and they sent me $3000, plus I got to keep the stove...but what a hassle!
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Oct 15, 2007
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I’m in the same boat as well but looking for a gas slide in. Hesitant to buy anything but am going to have to bite the bullet eventually. Will lean towards one that has a majority of good reviews as opposed to bad. Everything seems to be a hit or miss now a days. Nothing is a fool proof purchase. Definitely don’t need a “smart” stove that’s for sure.
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Jan 20, 2007
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I’m also in the market for a new range, electric smoothtop, not fussy whether it’s convection or not, and trying to decide between freestanding or slide in. The brands we’ve narrowed it down to are Whirlpool or Maytag, but now that OP has said GE gets good reviews on Consumer Reports, will look at those as well.
Anybody know if the Boxing Day deals are the best for the next few months or are there January/February sales on appliances? My 12 yr old Whirlpool coil-top is still working fine so not in a huge rush but we’re planning to get new quartz countertops soon so a new range is part of the plan.
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Mar 23, 2009
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My Viking stove looks good but otherwise it’s junk.
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Mar 8, 2002
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Got a GE Profile smooth-top for half retail about 12 yrs ago ( family friend had a sister working for distributor), not a single problem ever. If only all appliances were this dependable. Anecdotal I know.......

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Apr 4, 2006
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I am in the same boat as OP. Been searching for over six months and can not find a range that I will be happy with.

I am staying away from LG and Samsung due to the horrible reviews.

Whirlpool has not been good recently, my daughter purchased a slide in whirlpool. So far the oven has stopped working twice, currently it’s is dead and only the stove top works. It’s only 4-5 years old. She has had problems with it right from the beginning. First: the racks would not slide in and out easily. It’s a big safety issue because if you have a casserole on the rack in a hot oven, the rack when sliding stops suddenly and spills the contents onto your hands. Two: She has cut her fingers and so have I on the oven vents by the handle. The cutouts are very sharp! (so please be very careful when choosing a model like this) Third: The bottom drawer refuses to align and sits crooked, can’t really use bottom drawer at all due to having difficulty opening and closing properly. Finally I think she has the aqua lift technology for self clean, currently in the U.S there is a class action against whirlpool for misleading the consumer on this “technology”.

So thus far I am still searching....
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Jul 7, 2017
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Who knows? Maybe Haier is going for quality and durability (remember Hyundai's build quality in the '80s (Pony and then Excel) and what it is today (though that could be disputed)) while Whirlpool is the sinking U.S. ship.

I'd say a good, used range taken out only because someone is UGing, may be a beter bet than a lot of new stuff.

Don't forget the ovens where you're not supposed to use to self-clean feature as it 1) fries the circuit board and 2) cracks the coloured (i.e. usually blue/purple non-blac/grey) oven liner.
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Oct 3, 2017
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We bought an Electrolux convection smooth top range several years ago. The smooth top burners work really well. Very good at maintaining even temperatures even at quite low settings.

The oven looks pretty but I find the swing range of the oven to be too great. By swing range I mean how far off it can get from the set temp.

I also bought the 5 year warranty which of course we didn't use. Had I not bought it the range would have crapped out 2 days after expiration.
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Sep 11, 2011
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Going through this now! Pretty set on buying from Costco and getting their extended warranty, but I can't decide on the range or brand/ Each have their own bad reviews and problems and it's frustrating to say the least. I know most people that don't have any problems aren't going to go out of their way to go write a good review, but just seems very hit or miss. At least with Costco I know I'll have the support and be able to return it, etc.

Looking to spend <$1000 all-in and have kind of narrowed it down to these models:

https://www.costco.ca/samsung-30-in.-el ... 49666.html

https://www.costco.ca/samsung-30-in.-fr ... 42222.html

not really sure the difference between the one, both are about $800, but one is a "member only" item, yet looking at the specs seems worse, so I dunno. Reviews seem either great, or bad. and seems to have a "clicking" noise...?

another SAMSUNG : https://www.costco.ca/samsung-5.9-cu.-f ... 27352.html
$900, seems kind of the same as the other two

Also the general consensus seems to stay away from Samsung kitchen appliances lol


https://www.costco.ca/ge-stainless-stee ... 64642.html

$750, had to find reviews on other websites. seems ok? burners are only 6 & 8" though

https://www.costco.ca/maytag-30-in.-fre ... 65667.html
10-year warranty on parts is reassuring?

https://www.costco.ca/lg-30-in.-stainle ... 62500.html
Watched a youtube review showing pretty extreme hot/cool spots in the oven, due to the heating element being at the back of the oven instead of the bottom.

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Nov 7, 2012
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Bought a gas/off grid one from costco and it's been solid.
OP, I suggest you buy through them as their warranties are awesome. No need to deal with manufactures. But at the same time you'll have to consider that you'll have to bring it to the store if there are any issues.
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Dec 24, 2005
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any reason you won't do induction?

we have an Electrolux induction and could not be happier. would never consider normal electric (or gas) now
Feb 26, 2019
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I bought a stove recently and had a hard time. I went into total analysis-paralysis. My usual way of shopping/researching didn’t work, because seems like a crap shoot no matter what you buy. Although I’ve consistently heard that Samsung is crap.

I ended up just going to a well stocked showroom and picked the one I liked the look and feel of the best. Put aside all analytics (since they got me nowhere) and shopped completely by emotion. Never done that before in my life, but it was kind of fun. Ended getting a great deal on a floor model GE Cafe they were clearing out. I don’t know how reliability will be, but we love it every time we use it.
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Feb 28, 2005
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In the end, I got a Frigidaire Gallery from Costco (model cgef3036ufd) for 899$ + tax.

Pretty happy with it overall: cooktop is great, oven is great, etc.
Only downside there’s only 2 grill racks. Need to buy third somewhere.
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Feb 28, 2005
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milolai wrote: any reason you won't do induction?

we have an Electrolux induction and could not be happier. would never consider normal electric (or gas) now
yeah probably my next will be induction.

Just didn’t want to deal with changing pots / pans. I’m lazy, I know Slightly Smiling Face
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May 23, 2009
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I recently bought a Frigidaire induction cooktop and wall oven from Costco. A bit of the internal parts are same as Electrolux and the reviews are very good.

I bought the Costco extended warranty but the product packaging shows that Frigidaire is selling their in-house 3 yr warranty for about $35. Pretty good deal.