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Raptors parade partying

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Jan 31, 2006
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they had barricades but no one stood behind them after the crowds got too large. they should have organizers that walked in front of the bus with ropes to create space first so the bus can pass through. Don't understand what was the point of driving a few police cars down to make space but after the crowd when back into the lane again.

i was at University and Richmond, not sure why but the washroom was inside the barricades and staff told ppl not to climb over the fence. Then how do you use it if you don't climb over.
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Jun 22, 2007
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Kkhan15 wrote: I was at University/Wellington with the family and some friends. Glad we did not got to the Square. Got there at 7:30am. We stopped as there was a Subway (restaurant) and Tims behind us so access to washroom and caffeine lol. There was a barrier on the East side, but not on the West. The barrier provided safe viewing for the kids as we had them by the barrier all watching. They loved it, it was all families around there so there was no pushing really. As soon as the last bus went by, we got out to take the GO train home and got home on time to watch the ceremony and intro's on TV. Kids loved it. We packed water and snacks. Had no issues at all. We really enjoyed it. Kids loved seeing the player that close.
wow .. i was right there as well !!! and on the barrier side .. its safe for kids and no phantom ppl infront of us !!!


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