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Locked: [FS] Razr XT910 + Accessories (NEW)

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  • Oct 14th, 2012 3:57 pm
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Razr XT910 + Accessories (NEW)

A Motorola super bundle! Included:

Motorola Razr XT910 (locked to Rogers). The thin, super strong Kevlar backed phone with a vibrant screen and Android OS
Motorola HD Station - the Dock on steroids! Connect your Razr to your HDTV or monitor through HDMI, while staying charged as you watch movies, listen to music and much more.
Motorola Smart Controller - Connect your Razr to your TV and use this to take control of the action. The multi-touchpad will give you the freedom to navigate and select apps, photos, etc.
Motorola Vehicle Navigation Dock - Who needs a stand-alone GPS unit? Snap your Razr into the Nav Dock and use Google Maps to where you want to get to
Motorola Lapdock Pro 500 - the coolest accessory. Turn your Razr into a laptop. Snap the phone in the back and enjoy the large display and keyboard to aid in your productivity

All are factory brand new, never used
The MSRP for this bundle is ~$1000

Asking $ for the entire set. This is a great way to dive into Android and be equipped to take your phone and use it in any situation.

Please contact me if you have any questions. I am not interested in trades at this time, thank you.

[IMG] ...[/IMG][IMG] ...[/IMG]
[IMG] ...[/IMG][IMG] ...[/IMG]

(not pictured is the Lapdock. I've included this stock photo)
[IMG] ... 00-Pro.jpg[/IMG]
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