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RCSS Boxing Day - LG UJ6200 55" and 60" Super Hot

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Feb 19, 2017
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lorax1284 wrote: Some LG 4K LCD TVs still deliver only 2.8K resolution

LG has lost a lot of my respect with the locked bootloader on the H812 LG G4, and now this! What's up with them?
Just too many issues... reason my last 3 TV purchases (all this year), i really never considered LG despite OLED being the best. And funny thing is i actually bought Sony 75 x850e because its an IPS panel (and LG sells pretty much nothing but IPS panels/OLEDs) but i took them out of consideration pretty much right away. Add to that, their TVs (higher models/non OLED) aren't even priced close to competitively. I mean who would spend $2900 on a 55" SJ8500 when their own 65" OLED is pretty much the same price? ... 20660.aspx?

No idea what they are thinking with their 8500/9500 considering they priced their OLEDs cheaper. Almost like they are not trying to sell those models at all (more so when you consider rival Mu8000 being priced much more aggressively... same with sony x900+. Personally i wouldn't pay premium for LG over Hisense (tho i would pay premium for Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, and Vizio to various degrees). LG seems to be trending downwards despite OLED being the leader in picture quality... really doesn't make a lot of sense. Their cell phone market share has been dropping (out of top 5 last year, dropping to 8th, i'm guessing once numbers are finalize, they might drop out of top 10 this year or at least ZTE might over take them).

Still guess there is value in their 1 year in home warranty (tho Sharp/Hisense seems to have that too based on their warranty agreement). Honestly recommending their 6000/7000 series almost feels like trying to scam someone because LG seemingly is trying to do the same. Their 8000/9000 series TV might be good but given their price points, probably not even worth talking about. OLED on the other hand are great but given everything else going on with the LG brand, hard to see myself buying one until its manufactured by someone else.