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A real good deep tissue RMT in Ottawa?

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  • Aug 7th, 2019 2:33 pm
Dec 16, 2017
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A real good deep tissue RMT in Ottawa?

Hi folks,

Throughout the years I tried over 10 different RMTs and among all of them, only one of was so good in deep tissue massage. She used to fix my back in 30 minutes where others fail to even do half her work after 1+ hour. Unfortunately, this great RMT passed away over a year ago and I am now back searching. Can anyone recommend a really good therapist from experience (preferably a male). I live/work in the western side of Ottawa (Nepean and Kanata).

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Aug 1, 2005
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I live in Kingston. Over the last 25 years I have had a number of RMT's.
I would go in once a week and work on my back. I'd feel better for a few days, then by the following week, my back would start to hurt again.

Then I started seeing a new RMT, Teresa Greaves Donofreo and everything changed. (yes, she is a female).
The cycle stopped, and I started to see improvements from week to week.

My sister was looking for a new RMT as well. She spoke with her GP, who recommended Teresa specifically. She has since become a regular patient of TGD and has seen remarkable improvements.

It has been a few years since I started seeing Teresa, and my mobility and flexibility is remarkably improved.

What does this mean for you, you may ask?
Teresa is in Kingston, and you are in Ottawa, you say?

This is true, but I happen to know that she goes to Ottawa once a month or so just to meet a client (maybe more than one, I don't know). Perhaps she can treat you at the same time?

One caveat, however.
My weekly massages are the most painful parts of my week. As deep tissue massages go, she is the deepest I've ever experienced.