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Dec 11, 2018
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Really Home Depot?

Just my little vent for the day... bought some backsplash tile for our kitchen on the weekend at the Home Depot in Barrie. (We actually live about 3 hrs from there )
They didn’t have what we thought would be enough but we got about 36sq ft of it since the guy said no problem, just go to your local Home Depot and they can bring it in from another store.. ( since it showed they were out of stock) just give them a call he says.
So, I did that.. the lady says sorry, we can’t bring it in since we’ve never carried it and it’s not in our system... it’s not available online either which we knew. She wouldn’t even look up the stores that did have, I found this info myself online. Ok, well I can return it if I have to right?
She says no, you can’t return it to this Home Depot since it’s not in our system.... What?? I said Home Depot is a chain that makes no sense.
At that moment, I was grateful I was on the phone and not there in person because I would have hit the roof! I said well you’re gonna ..she said pardon and I said your gonna take it back or I’m going raise shit ...lol then I said thank you, goodbye. Should have said Bye Felicia actually
I HATE Home Depot now, all because of that stupid employee. Confused Face

Just curious what other’s experiences have been. iIs there any validity to what she said?
Oh and all’s well that ends well because we think we will have enough tile after all.
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Nov 7, 2018
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Bestbuy did this exact same thing to me.

I purchased a samsung 55" UHD KS8000 on black friday two years back in Quebec. Live in Ontario. They had to deliver it to my place due to not being in stock at time of purchase. Fine.

I took the day off that they were deliver the TV but instead through multiple phones calls after waiting until 5pm, that the 3rd party delivery service was suppose to call to setup and confirm date and time. This 3rd party did not. (**** up 1). So now i am out $500 for that day of work and no tv or set date on deliever.

I call corp which says I can cancel the delivery and have a full refund if i go back to the main store and have them do it in their system.

So off to Quebec store where the he who sold me the TV says no, they wont refund the cost because the tv is not physically in the store for the refund and is already out for delievery. I informed him of the facts and that Corp says otherwise. He won't move on it and either his supervisor. They said wait for it to be delievered then bring it back.

TV finally gets delievery 2 weeks later. Im not pleased, I call corp and they said any bestbuy will accept the return and full refund to be given.

Go to the local Bestbuy and they wont accept the tc due to it being from Quebec and it isnt from their store. I didnt understand why a chain wouldn't accept peoducts from other bestbuys and the answer being one bb gets a stat of selling the tv while the latter gets a stat of loosing money and rmgetting a returned TV. (**** up 2)

So now im pissed with a tv that i dont want and local store wont accept while out $500 +gas money.

So packed that **** tv into the car and out to Quebec store to return it. Hahaha.

The sale Person was agueing in French with me, as to why they can't accept the TV due to being purchase more then 2weeks ago and how i should have just cancelled the tv delievery before the it got shipped out in the first place. Oh the shit I gave that customer service rep.

Needless to say i got my refund and names of reps who corp now has on file to why my shit went sideways.

End rant.
Dec 11, 2018
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This is the product, not sure if you see it clearly here.
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Jan 18, 2013
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I find Home Depot has the worst staff. They're the quickest to dismiss you no matter what you ask for and for whatever reason feel they are better than you because they have some kind of background knowledge of building supplies or something to get hired there.

They'll lie and say they don't sell anything you ask for, they're always under staffed and the staff they have are way overworked with stocking tasks during the day.
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Nov 18, 2012
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Actually my local Home Depot is really good. I have had a issue or two in the past and the customer reps bend over backwards to help you. Sometimes maybe inexperienced new staff are still learning what to do. I have had the reps look up a item if they are sold out to see if another H.D. has stock. I shop regularly at my local Home Depot and the staff there seem happy and willing to help.I recognize the same employee faces when in there. Maybe other stores are not managed as well or employee training not where it should be.
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Jan 10, 2009
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Boom and Bust Calgar…
Mine are mostly good, there was one guy that worked the returns counter that was being a total a-hole about something I wanted to return. I never saw him again at the store after that day though.
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Oct 5, 2008
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I've had no issue returning stuff to HD.

In fact, they make it easy because you don't even need the receipt, they just look up the purchase by your credit card history
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Jan 10, 2009
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Boom and Bust Calgar…
Swerny wrote: I've had no issue returning stuff to HD.

In fact, they make it easy because you don't even need the receipt, they just look up the purchase by your credit card history
Exactly. The guy would not look it up. I didn't have the receipt so he was being a douche. Couldn't believe it. What a putz.
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Nov 24, 2012
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It’s hit or miss like every other retail shop. You’ll either have the best rep ever or the worst. You’re most likely to get newer employees during the Christmas season so keep that in mind when dealing with anything. As long as you’re informed and know store policy you’re good to go. I’d bet if you brought in your tile, you’d have no issue with a refund.