Reapplying at different university after failing first year

Dec 15, 2018
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Reapplying at different university after failing first year

I entered first year in 2017, however due to personal reasons I failed 2 of my courses and withdrew from the rest leaving me with no passing marks at all. All that is shown on my transcript I believe are the two courses that I have failed.

After taking this year off I have recovered and am ready to enter school for the next fall term. I would like to apply to an Ontario university closer to home (to a completely different program) but am unsure whether universities will even take me, especially considering the fact that I have failed the only 2 courses on my transcript. Although my secondary school marks are spectacular, I am not sure if those marks would even matter.

If I were to reapply to a different university, how likely would it be for them to accept me? The program I plan on applying to is somewhat competitive, with an entering average of about 80-88%. My secondary school transcript shows an average of 94%. Entering a community college would be my absolute last resort - would I have to take this road and then transfer to a university?
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Nov 9, 2011
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Only way to find out for sure is to apply, worst case you lose a few hundreds.

Although from what I have gathered, you would now be applying as a "mature" student, meaning your high school marks are irrelevant. And yes your 2 failed courses will be a major issue, especially if the program and school is competitive.