Rear differntial fluid change - when?

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Rear differntial fluid change - when?

Hi Guys

Just checked my maintenance records and saw "6" indicator came up at 25k kms and 75k kms more or less... Vehicle First Gen RDX

Am now close to 100k kms, is the "6" (rear differential fluid change) dependent on kms or time or how it's driven? 100% sure it did not come up at 50k kms - no "6" indicator came up only usual oil change service plus "2" air filter replacement...

Trying to figure out whether to do "6" at next service since I haven't used the vehicle quite a bit and it's due for an oil change anyway (eg 1 yr no oil change and maintenance minder still at 30%) (heading over to iGarage actually so it's quite a drive - eg over 50kms one way for me)

Thanks a bunch!

EDIT: MODS -- pls delete thread - pointless as iGarage answered my question already :) Thank you iGarage for your quick response :)
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Judging by what it says in your owner's manual, it looks like the first fluid change is short (25k), and then subsequent changes are longer (50k). I would expect the next change to come at 125k, not 100k.

But a handy trick with these Hondas and Acuras that use the Maintenance Minder system is that you can do the reset procedure halfway, and see what the upcoming maintenance codes are. Then just cancel the reset procedure.
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