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Received a Fellow Ode coffee grinder as a gift - finding it nice to have grind size selection per dose of coffee

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  • Jan 10th, 2022 4:16 pm
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Received a Fellow Ode coffee grinder as a gift - finding it nice to have grind size selection per dose of coffee

So I had been using a totally utilitarian Cuisinart burr grinder for over a decade. It grinds coffee beans into pieces that I can make coffee from...that is what it does. Good grinding? Consistent? .... Meh...But I can get coffee out of it after it grinds.

I had been looking to replace the grinder for a while now...but never pulled the trigger on anything. So my wife finally decided to just get me this Fellow Ode Brew Grinder (link here).

At the start, I said it is too extravagant and it is too much to pay for a grinder. It is completely outside my budgeted amount. But a gift is a gift...And I really do appreciate it, I just never thought of buying this myself.

Anyway...been using it for a couple of weeks now...and I have to say it has really grown on me. Not going to get into the engineering of the burrs (hybrid flat burr system), but I really like the fact that I can now just put in the amount of beans I want to grind and have it ground and ready to go into my pour-over.

Because of my old utilitarian setup, I just ended up grinding a week's worth of coffee and putting it into a mason jar....scooping out what I want each time.

With the Ode grinder, I can play around with grind size...I can fine tune flavours I never knew existed.

I just wanted to throw this out here to see if others out here have had this experience...not necessarily with this grinder, but playing around with single dose grinding and experimenting with things.
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Welcome to the game, that’s a great grinder. Yes, I think many people have experimented with single dose grind size and followed recipes using different methods of either drip and/or immersion. It’s definitely a changer grinding at point of use, trying/finding beans you like, and also single origin fresh roasted beans. I like Fellow products, like their Atmos canister, EKG kettle, and Prismo (in my Aeropress).

From Detour, Coffee 101:
Drip brewing is characterized by any method that pours hot water over ground coffee and allows gravity to draw the water through the coffee bed and filter it. The main idea of the method is that water is continually introduced to ground coffee which then passes through a type of filter before the total brew is complete. The use of a filter traps the coffee oils outside of the brew, yielding a clean-tasting coffee.
What does it taste like?
Drip brewing produces a clean and complex cup. The method highlights delicate aromatics, complexity, and
has more flavour clarity.
What are the brewers?
These include Hario V60, Kalita Wave, Chemex, as well as most at home automatic batch brewers like the
What are the challenges?
Consistency, channelling, flow rate

Immersion brewing is any method where coffee and water are steeped together for a period of time and then filtered. In this method the ground coffee is immersed in water and then left to brew until it is appropriately extracted and ready to be consumed. Immersion brewing is simple and consistent, making it easier to control variables.
What does it taste like? It produces a richer, sweeter
cup. The method boosts texture and amplifies a coffee's
mouthfeel. It highlights sweetness and has less flavour
clarity and usually produces less acidity.
What are the brewers? These include the classic
French Press, Clever, Aeropress, Moka Pot
What are the challenges?
Bitterness, sediment/oils, agitation
Look up recipes based on your method. I don’t play around much these days and mainly make the occasional espresso, my daily is Aeropressing fresh roasts, remember they need to “rest” if you buy them.

Espresso however is a different game, and requires a more consistent, tighter adjustable grinder; for those who dial their beans to change ratio/flow/time, ultimately taste.