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Recommend me a cell phone and temporary plan

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Recommend me a cell phone and temporary plan

I'll be needing a cell phone for the summer (don't currently have one lol), and will be going to Alberta (need to buy in Ontario before leaving). From by May 10th to end of August I'll need a decent plan with unlimited calling and some data (like 1-2GB should be sufficient), then switch to a cheap prepaid in the fall.

Needs are fairly basic; calling, texting, browsing, some photos (video?)... Was looking to spend up to about $200. I've seen deals in the past (but didn't pay much attention) where you can get points/gift cards for more expensive phones from like Koodo, which would bring the net cost below the 200 on a better phone.

One I'm thinking is a Samsung A5 from Koodo, as it looks like in the past they have been $360 tab, and $300 gift card, and I could stay with them for the summer then cancel without issue. Am I missing any hiccups?

Would this be a good choice of phone and plan if the deal comes up again? Any others I should be looking at? Would they activate an Alberta number (from Ontario)?

Edit: and if I got it from a place like Walmart or The Mobile Shop in Ontario, would I potentially be able to return/exchange/ deal with issues at a store in Alberta?

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