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Recommend Plumbing Inspector Mississauga

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Sep 1, 2010
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Recommend Plumbing Inspector Mississauga


Recently converted my home from septic to municipal sewer in Mississauga. Building permit was closed without an on-site inspection. Waste water install in basement is not complaint to code. Well less than 1/50 slope, not enough supports, etc, etc. Building inspector admitted he never came in house and indicated surprise at what I described to him and agreed contractor should fix. It's clear he has a good relationship with contractor but contractor is ghosting me and inspector has now said everything was good when he inspected.

I'm looking for an inspector/ plumber who can document all the deficiencies, both to code and workmanship, and then fix. Its clear to me I will need to get lawyers involved as both parties are unhelpful. I want to make sure I have a 3rd party assesment though.

Thanks for help