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recommendations needed please

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  • Jul 7th, 2010 4:23 pm
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May 10, 2005
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recommendations needed please

I ordered from e-store , the package was shipped by USP , I didn't know the e-store uses UPS, if I did I would not order for sure.
when I check the tracking detail

Delivered On:
05/07/2010 17:21
Delivered To:

UPS said that the package was delivered to PORCH even though at that time there was people at my house, cars in driveway, side door open with storm door closed.
there was no package delivered to my home at all that day. So I call UPS but they said that only the shipper can contact them for TRACER REQUEST / LOST PACKAGE TRACER . So I call e-store , explaining the whole situation, the csr then call UPS and file a tracer request.
My hope was up when csr told me that the driver maybe deliver to wrong house, but today she call me and said that the driver insisted that he did deliver to Porch of the corrected house number.

What should I do? :confused:

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