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Recommendations for Ophthalmologist in Toronto Or Scarborough

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Aug 21, 2004
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Recommendations for Ophthalmologist in Toronto Or Scarborough

My eye sight has deteriorated recently but I was not feeling comfortable going to a clinic before getting fully vaccinated.

My Opthomologist just retired and I need to find a new one. Most of reviews are rigged so I am looking for recos from real people.
Please share your experience/ recommendations for a good Ophthalmologist in Toronto Or Scarborough.
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Jan 28, 2014
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Your just retired Ophthalmologist should have given you a referral to another Ophthalmologist as the time of his retirement or told you he/she wasn't.

You will need a referral from your family physician or optometrist - faxed - by the referring physician or optometrist - outlining the eye conditions that you are experiencing to the referred Ophthalmologist. The referred Ophthalmologist will then decide if he/she will see you based on your eye conditions. Some are not accepting new patients, some are not a good fit with your existing eye conditions etc.

If you are under age 65 I would ask my optometrist. Over 65 I would ask my family physician at this point.

Source - I live in Toronto. My husband coincidentally had an appointment with his Ophthalmologist yesterday and I asked (from the hallway because of course non-patients cannot enter the office). The above is what I was told.

And if you need a new script for eye glasses let's hope you are under 65 otherwise you won't be getting a new prescription until the issue with optometrists is resolved. Ophthalmologists do not provide patients with eye glass scripts. Many have tried without success.
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Oct 9, 2011
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It's probably best to get recommendation from your current ophthalmologist or optometrist based on your needs, not all ophthalmologists do surgery, not all of them treat all kind of conditions etc. Also, you should ask your ophthalmologist to transfer your medical records to the new doctor (hopefully for free). And try to get referral letter from optometrist instead of family doctor if you somehow can't get one from your current ophthalmologist.

And don't trust solely on online reviews, there will always be unhappy patients (for reasons like long wait time, expensive parking, not enough parking etc).


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