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Registration/Post Requirements?

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  • Sep 1st, 2020 12:56 pm
Jan 4, 2008
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Registration/Post Requirements?

A long shot I know, but has it ever been considered to have certain parts of the forum available to members only?

Obviously we get lots of guests, but at times it feels like the guests are the ones using up deals, such as if someone posts codes on a first come basis. And sometimes they get codes removed (the old Sportchek code to save $5 got outed to someone at Sportchek and they deactivated it).

Similarly in some sections like the Rogers/Bell threads, most posts are new members with no posts coming in asking for reps. There should be a post limit before being allowed to post, and also have it members only so these companies don't easily find out the info (yes, they can sign up and find it themselves anyways, but at least it won't be available to every person, or on google searches).
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Jun 17, 2013
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This is an idea that occasionally gets brought up and usually after a flaming hot, VERY limited deal gets posted and goes OOS within minutes.

Our stance has always been that every deal should be available to all visitors, regardless of being registered, logged in, having a certain post count/rank/upvotes, or other factors. There's no way for us to know who is actually getting in on a deal, but you're right that guests definitely make up a portion of who's getting each deal. If someone shares a single/limited time code publicly in a thread, realistically it would be gone quick regardless of whether guests can see it or not.

While we won't likely change who can view deals, we do value those who sign up by giving them additional benefits (e.g. a lot less ads in the forum if you're signed in). We're also always looking into adding additional benefits to provide members (over guests).

Regarding new users signing up to ask about new customer deals, I personally don't see the problem with that. From a business standpoint, RFD wants new users. These threads are a great gateway to get people to sign up. Yes, many of these users hit and run, but there are plenty who stay and become active in the community which is a good thing. I myself have benefitted numerous times from posting in those threads asking for/about deals. Does it make a difference that I'm more active of a member? As far as I know these deals don't pulled because too many people are getting them. From what I've been told, the more people that sign up, the better it is for these companies.
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