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reliability of push connects?

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  • Jan 22nd, 2018 7:16 pm
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Sep 6, 2017
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reliability of push connects?

I am going to use push connects to replace the water heater that is giving mediocre hot water (maybe since it is 16 years old). I did get another 3weeks of use from it by replacing the thermostat but now the hot water is a bit lacking for a family of 4. So it was time to just bite the bullet and buy a new one. I do not have a welder to do what the plumbers do with a roll of metal by heating and metal copper pipes together. Since it is hot water I was wonder how long do they last and if they are very reliable or not. The last thing I want is for one of them to disconnect and flood the place.
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Jan 5, 2003
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I've read that Sharkbite fittings will last at least 20 years. There's a rubber o-ring in there and some plastic parts so it won't last forever. Keep in mind that non-Sharkbite brand push connects may be slightly different (although based on the same concept) so, while they are cheaper than Sharkbite, the parts might be inferior.

In comparison, soldered copper can last 200+ years. If you don't want to solder, then Sharkbite would be fine for many years , but read up on how to do it properly. You still need a tool to cut the pipe. And make sure the cut is square (very important and there's a tool for checking this) and deburred.

What colour is your vent pipe? If it's not white and marked "schedule 636", you'll need to change it as well. If that's the case, you might consider having someone else do the install, which would include changing the vent pipe and soldering the water lines (and usually bringing the water heater, so you don't have to transport it yourself).
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Dec 10, 2008
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I bought a half dozen Shark Bites (caps, couplers, valves) just to use in a pinch if I ever needed to. They're a good addition to any homeowner kit.

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