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Jan 12, 2008
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Just as I thought, builders DGAF about their customers even during a pandemic. Some guy in another thread call me out for not being compassionate towards them during this time. Builders have all the power and we have nothing.
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Feb 29, 2008
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Maybe the builder was facing financial hardships as well? Just saying
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Feb 11, 2009
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OP I'll give you a brief explanation, each builder has specific deposit requirements from the banks depending on what stage of the project they are at. Some can be lenient based on their contractual agreements, where as others literally need the money or they get in to trouble with their financing.

3-6 Month delays in pre construction projects is nothing out of the ordinary even pre-COVID.

Deposit deferral also isn't a normally accepted thing as a result of a delay.

Most builders do make exceptions if they see you're in hard times, but "Delay my deposit cause you delayed the closing" isn't a good reason for them to do so.

Tridel, has made a name for itself and yes you'll get better customer service, and probably more leniencey there but you have to remember, Tridel units are some of the most expensive in the market, you're paying a premium for that premium customer service. They have more funds to back their projects, they've already charged you more than other builders would.

The old saying goes "You get what you paid for".

In my experience, I've seen leniency from builders small and big, but they also don't want people taking advantage of the system. They can't just defer deposits for everyone but if they see justification for it, they typically do it. I've gotten my clients deferrals on various projects small and big.
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