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Rental/Lease Agreement Questions - Toronto Condo - Repairs/Lease Breaks

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Jan 2, 2012
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loriblum wrote: As a landlord, I would not charge the $50 of a repair, but yes, it IS in the contracts. Why? Because it helps prevent people from calling for every small item such as changing a lint trap on the dryer, a lightbulb, removing hair from the drain (and not a clog... just to get my handyman in to remove the hair), chipped paint, the curtain rod being uneven, etc. etc. etc.

For major repairs (and even some minor ones), I can't ever see a landlord scrutinise over something so basic, but it CAN happen.
The bigger question here though isn't the $50 or $100 payment, it's if the request for repair is deemed an essential repair by the RTA/LTB. If it's deemed an essential repair, then you as a landlord would need to get it fixed no matter if the tenant wants to pay that upfront fee or not.

So if you refused to say replace a lightbulb, then the tenant could file a maintenance application to the LTB, and then attend a hearing with them, all in an attempt to get the LTB to award costs to the them or force you to do the work. Although in reality it's hard to imagine any tenant would go through the hassle of all this for such a simple item, and the worst the LTB could do is force you to repair the item eventually or reimburse the tenant any costs they incurred to do it which are probably in the couple dollars range. For something like cleaning lint out a dryer, LTB may simply dismiss the whole thing as being a frivolous claim.

But all this is definitely a possibility despite any clause about paying a fee for repairs, and despite if the tenant doesn't want to pay that fee. This would be irrelevant to the LTB.


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