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Reopen an account or reapply a CC

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Jan 11, 2017
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Reopen an account or reapply a CC

My story:
closed Rogers MC 4th Feb
Started my Rogers service the 20th Feb, and applied Rogers MC in store because of the 50$ bonus.
Called Rogers the 27th Feb, and Rogers says that my application on the 20th Feb (hard inquiry conducted by Rogers Communications)is not acceptable because that I already had an account with them. The option left for me is to reopen the previous account closed on the 4th Feb, and there will be NO 50$ bonus to reopen an account, however, the 29$ annual fee can be waived. And they need a hard inquiry (hard inquiry by Rogers Bank) in order to reopen this account.

Anyone knows this kind of story?
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Mar 8, 2006
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I've never heard. Are you going to use the card a lot for purchases in Canada? If not, you may want to consider to apply for a FIDO credit card (it's owned by Roger). You get $50 and $0 annual fee. You get 4% for purchases outside Canada which is the same as Rogers card. The difference is any purchases in Canada will be 1.5% on FIDO cc vs 1.75% on Rogers cc.
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Your standards are awfully low to try to churn this card. You are probably the only one in that company.
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