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Replace our sony rx100 II ?

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  • Nov 26th, 2020 12:23 pm
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Jul 23, 2008
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Replace our sony rx100 II ?

Hi !
when travelling we like to go the compact road. We are taking pictures (mainly for printing in a photobook) with my Samsung s10 and our compact rx100 m2. Can we find something better that got the same size than the Rx100?

Thanks !
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Feb 4, 2015
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Calgary, AB
Qwesty905 wrote: fuji x100f
He said something the same size.. Fuji is way bigger.,705

The only interchangeable that's about the same size is the GM5, but even with a pancake lens it's going to be much thicker.,570

I think the the only options that are truly pocketable is a newer RX100 or the Canon G5X. Which model you pick will depend on your budget. I think for casual travel photos RX100 is good enough like 90%+ of the time, I normally take my M43 or my FF setup in addition to my RX100 Mk3 when traveling, and I must admit I mainly just use the RX100. M43 if I need reach, FF if I think I will need low light, RX100 for everything else. I also print a lot of pictures in photobooks.
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May 5, 2010
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I'm with Verdic on this one.

I have a Fuji X100T and it is quite bigger than a RX100 and isn't pocketable in most pants or small jackets because of the thickness (lens doesn't retract).

If you move to RX100 mk III to V, the aperture can be set at F2.8 through out the whole range, which is much better than the F4.9. That's like 1.5 stop so your picture can be 1.5 times cleaner in low light.
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Mar 6, 2003
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yeah, the RX100 still rules in the pocketable zoom category. If you want better quality, you have to move to m43 or other APSC mirrorless, or Ricoh GRIII if you don't mind losing zoom
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Oct 14, 2014
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I start by wondering how much you're benefiting by the RX100ii over the Samsung S10, and would a newer phone fill the gap? A new phone is in the price ballpark of a newer RX100 and is definitely pocketable.

FYI I've had a few dedicated cameras (most recently the Sony a6000) and >95% of the time it doesn't leave the house while my phone is of course always on me. I find the current generation of phones have become good enough to replace dedicated cameras for me.
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Jun 3, 2008
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It's either the RX100, G9 X Mark II (2017), G7 X Mark III (2019) or G5 X Mark II (2019), depending on what sizing and price point you want.

I picked up the G9 X Mark I on clearance back in 2017 and still use it, I find it hard to carry a camera that isn't pocketable so I agree on that part...

A big plus for physical cameras is that you can buy casings to take the camera scuba diving, whereas I haven't seen a convincing smartphone case yet built for scuba diving.
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Jun 15, 2012
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Phones have come a long way with computational blending of several shots to make an instant balanced exposure. It's tiresome to go through a few hundred vac pics on a computer to do same.

Apr 7, 2008
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Does anyone have the Rx100 m5 and where is the best place to get it on sale during Black Friday?
Sep 28, 2008
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My 2 cents but I'd rather just have a better phone than carrying a 1" sensor camera around.