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Replacing electric water heater DIY?

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  • Mar 13th, 2022 6:20 pm
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Replacing electric water heater DIY?

I want to swap out my electric water heater, straight replacement with a slight relocation. Does it have to be copper pipe directly from the water heater or is pex acceptable? From what I read many people say it must be copper, but from what I read here (https://www.opia.info/index.php/code-te ... water-tank) it actually just depends on what the manufacturer says is necessary and I'm not sure what all the manufacturers say. Does anyone know?

Besides that issue, is there any other issue with DIY for this? I am comfortable with PEX installation and basic electrical (in this case just replacing the old heater). If I need copper I would need to learn to do that as well. Disposal of old water heater...just bring it to the dump or is it of value to scrappers who would come and pick it up? It actually works fine for now its just getting old and I want to replace and relocate it.
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I DIY'd mine 3 years ago. Can use flexible feed hoses but those will reportedly deteriorate with time (not much for some). I used copper for mine, which a neighbour kindly soldered for me (the supplied fittings were for copper so that's what I used).

Tank definitely has scrap metal value.
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I did it myself 2 years ago. I used PEX (the builder didn't use copper either) and it is definitely a job you can DIY if you are confortable with PEX.

It depends on your area but here, scrappers will jump on WH so you can easily get rid of the old tank.
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