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Replacing Lawn Mower

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May 12, 2009
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Replacing Lawn Mower

I need to know what machine works well for your lawn and how happy are with your lawnmower. Mine is fifteen years old and not as good as it was.
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Jun 4, 2020
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Clarington, ON
20" Lee Valley reel mower. Cuts amazing.
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May 17, 2012
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it's gonna depend on the size of you lawn

i still cant wrap my head around electric. so gas powered self-propelled for me. gas powered everything tbh but i don't live in the city and my yard is significantly bigger than the post above.
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Jan 16, 2011
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Greenworks electric mower thats 6 years old, bought on Amazon during a lightning deal. love it, have done next to no maintenance to it and never had to get gas. Only extra was a 100 foot extension cord.
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Mar 22, 2017
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West GTA
Very small lawn: manual reel mower, Lee Valley makes a good one. Don't get the smallest size, get the middle or biggest size and it allows for a higher cutting height (most cool season grass likes to be cut high, over two inches and often around three).

Small lawn: corded electric. They're cheap, work better than battery powered and require no maintenance other than blade sharpening and deck cleaning.

Medium lawn: push gas or battery electric. Gas has more power for cutting through wet or infrequently cut grass, seems to mulch better, and generally will deliver a slightly better quality of cut. Gas requires maintenance, but it's pretty minimal (change oil every year or so, air filter every couple years, spark plug every few years, total time per year is maybe 5-10 minutes, I guess you have to buy gas once a year and add a squirt of stabilizer). Battery electric, like corded electric, only requires sharpening and deck cleaning, but also requires that you charge the batteries which I guess is some minor maintenance. Battery is quieter and lighter and a bit more eco-friendly. A good gas mower will likely last 15+ years - to be determined how long a battery mower will last, the battery may degrade over that time.

Larger lawn: self-propelled gas or electric, same deal as above.

Large lawn: riding mower, either lawn tractor or zero turn. Lawn tractor is more versatile, zero turn is faster and more nimble. There are battery electric options out there, but they're new, expensive, unproven and I'd go gas for this until we get more time on the market.

Personally I bought a lower-end Honda push mower for my 3k sqft and am happy with it - good quality, engine will last forever, easy to use and maintain. If it died, I'd consider electric (Ego most likely). Toro is also a good brand for both gas and electric. I typically mulch.
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Sep 22, 2009
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serbianbelle wrote: I need to know what machine works well for your lawn and how happy are with your lawnmower. Mine is fifteen years old and not as good as it was.
Before you replace your 15 yr old mower, have you asked yourself why it is no as good?
Does the blade needs to be sharpened? New spark plug? Air filter? When was the last time you checked / changed the engine oil?

And if you need a new mower, you need to specific the size of your lawn and features that you want.
It is like saying you want to replace your old vehicle but don't give out any other details. There are hundreds of different models.