Replacing my car with a used car while keeping old plate

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Replacing my car with a used car while keeping old plate

My Uncle is selling his car to me after he replaces it, but he will keep his plate. I will buy his old car BEFORE selling my own.

What is the best way? And what are the fees involved?

Here is my plan:
Before my car is sold, I take ownership my uncle's car, but without attaching a plate to his car. His car will be stored in the garage, uninsured and undriven until after my car is sold. After my car is sold, I will transfer the plate to his.

Is this doable?

What documents do I need for each step?

Are the fees going to be any different from me selling my car first, buying his car and transfer the plate to his car right away?
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For the correct answer, contact MTO or visit your nearest Service Ontario location.
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It's doable. The only catch is that starting the day he removes his plates from it, I do not believe you'll be able to get a temp permit in Ontario for it (because registration will say "unplated") so will have to get it towed to a garage to get a safety certificate before you can get it plated. You could technically get the safety certificate before he removes the plates but then you only have 36 days to register it before you need a new safety certificate.

You should still have it insured for theft and fire even if it's not being driven.

It might just be less trouble getting a new set of plates for the new car and having both licensed and registered until you sell your existing car.

You'll have to check with Service Ontario for the fees but getting new plates will be more expensive since you have to pay for the plates.
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This is doable.

When your uncle signs over the ownership to you, you have 2 options. Option 1 is to take the ownership right away to Service Ontario and transfer the car in your name. You will pay the taxes, however the car will be titled as "unplated" . When you sell your own car, you can bring over the plates from your car over to thew new one.

To plate the car, you will need proof of insurance. If you don't already have a safety done, then you will need a temp sticker to go have the safety done. The full sticker is only allowed after you have the safety certificate.

Option 2 would be the easier and the personal approach I would take. Have your uncle sign over the ownership to you. Park the new car, and simply wait until you sell your car.

Once you sell your car, take the signed ownership to Service Ontario with your plates, safety, and proof of insurance. Pay the taxes and I believe you can use the remainder of your sticker from your old plates.
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I did something similar recently. You can get temporary plates for $15 that last 10 days. The sticker is renewable. It gives you the advantage of being able to drive it to get the safety and anything else done. ... te-sticker

Once I sold my prior vehicle I was able to transfer the old plate to the new vehicle.
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