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Jun 1, 2017
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Replacing PSU advice

So I have a HP server xw6600 with dual xeon CPU's. Got it for a good price and have been using as a regular desktop for awhile now. It's time to replace the PSU as the fan is constantly running at high speed.
The current PSU is only using a single 8pin connector that's all that is on the m.board.

Dont know a heck of alot about computers, but was able to remove and replace the PSU on 3 occasions, and sadly putting it right back.

Tried different PSU's ranging from $80 up to $180. And none of them fire the computer.

I have tried plugging directly into wall outlet, as well as different power bars.

Psu model is delta dps-650lb a
Mboard is HP but cant see model #
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