Reporting a hit and run accident when you are at fault

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Reporting a hit and run accident when you are at fault

Would you report a hit and run accident to insurance when you are at fault (potentially) but the other driver flees the scene (possibly due to no insurance ...).

I wonder how would insurance look at the scenario. Put the fault on you even when there is only a single party involved or not.

I am asking this, since a few weeks ago i saw a left turner was t-boned at a yellow light but the other car travelling straight left the scene.
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The police will ask you to identify the other driver (plate #), or provide a description of the vehicle, time and place of the incident.

They will log it as a hit and run, and they will try to search and find that person and charge him for failure to remain at the scene of a collision, if he didn't report it within 24 hours.

Fault determination is done by the insurance. If you were at fault, the claim comes out of your comprehensive/collision coverage and you pay your deductible. If you were not at fault and they could not identify the other driver, you still pay your deductible and it may be deemed at at fault collision on your record.

Example: My coworker struck a tire coming off a truck. Truck left the scene unknowingly. Her insurance deemed her at fault, until a few days later when the police located the truck.
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