Reputable Mechanic Recommendations in GVA?

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Dec 17, 2017
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Reputable Mechanic Recommendations in GVA?

I'm currently with a NAPA auto mechanic and although friendly, their parts are kinda OP, especially compared to rockauto comparisons. IE: Control Arm front right lower is $39 on rockauto but $207 on Napa. Now, they say they have a life time warranty on the part, so I'm sure that there would be a quality difference between the two parts, but I'm not sure if that quality difference is worth $160.

I'm thinking I'm still young and I still have time to recover from this $1000+ repair, learn my mistake, and just get all my parts from rockauto and have an independent mechanic install those parts for me.

But I'm worried about the dishonest ones who will install the parts but screw a little with another part so that in a couple of months, I'll have to come crawling back to them for more repairs. At least I know my Napa auto mechanic won't do that; again, I'm pretty sure they're decent ppl.

Anyone recommend an honest mechanic who can do repairs with parts I buy from outside?
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Oct 22, 2016
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Comox Valley
In Surrey area, I have dealt with this company, and I was happy with them
Small company, two of them

If you go further out in the valley, this company was satisfactory. Larger company, I an unaware if you can bring in outside parts

I think you are doing a wise thing in getting your own parts. It happened to me this week also, I was quoted $250 for a window regulator and motor at a mechanic. On $110, so I brought it there.
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Apr 5, 2016
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Also vouch for Alpha 1. I sent my previous BMW 335 there and still goes there now with my bro. A lot of my friends go there. May not be the cheapest price, but their work is top notch.
Sep 28, 2012
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I never leave my car with someone else except myself and dealership if need warranty.
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Jul 19, 2004
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bomber17 wrote: Also vouch for Alpha 1. I sent my previous BMW 335 there and still goes there now with my bro. A lot of my friends go there. May not be the cheapest price, but their work is top notch.

Yea Alpha 1 is great too the last time I went. Did a great job with the alignment, took the time to dial in all the settings rather than just setting it to green and call it a day. Which area are you in OP? There's good shops in every area and I think it's good to build a good relationship with them over time.

Also you can't compare pricing from Rockauto vs local parts stores as they don't have the overhead of retail stores and larger volume. Just keep in mind that sometimes Rockauto is not always accurate in terms of parts compatibility. I have ordered parts that was supposed to be for my engine size but it was actually for the other engine size. So do make sure it's the right part when you order. Warranty is also another issue. You will have to pay them twice to fix it if there was something wrong with the Rockauto parts vs their part.
Jun 30, 2016
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Part of the overall costs is also the labour required to install it and all the overhead that a shop needs to cover to keep the doors open every day.
It is easy to compare mail order prices with what local shops charge but it isn't a true fair comparison so do shop around as they can play with the margins a bit.

That said I don't think any mechanic will cover user parts with any warranty.
When they install a NAPA part and if it goes bad then NAPA will reimburse them partly for the labour too so everyone is protected.