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Reputable seller?

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  • Nov 27th, 2020 8:02 pm
Nov 7, 2020
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Reputable seller?

Does anyone have experience purchasing from this site or dealing with this companyy?

Looks like a brand new company. The address is a house in London, Ontario.

Can't find anything on them.
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Jul 13, 2010
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Yes, I purchased a set from him last summer prior to his website on Kijiji and spoke with him numerous times this year. I believe that address is where he resides and runs a small computer repair business from there and had that for many years. If in doubt give him a call as he provides his phone number and is easy to talk to. He is the only one who has 2 year warranty and resolved immediately when I had a manufacturing concern. I think he is on at least his 3 or 4th batch (I got second batch). ... 1514234179
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