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Requesting a CC Chargeback/Dispute? (Biovea)

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  • May 5th, 2020 12:08 pm
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Dec 13, 2015
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Requesting a CC Chargeback/Dispute? (Biovea)

I placed an order through late March. Did not do my due diligence, but found out that although the company is a .ca company, they actually ship from the states.

My item has been stuck at customs since Apr 4, and they're not doing anything to resolve the situation.

Saw on trust pilot as below that they're hella shady

Some people recommended CC chargeback on there.

I've never done that before, do I just call the CC company and explain the situation? Any other advice?
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Jun 5, 2016
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That .ca domain you posted doesn't work... It looks like their domain is so this is not a Canadian domain.

There's nothing they can do to expedite customs clearance. Once a package is with customs there is nothing anyone can do to track or expedite the package, no matter where you purchase from.

Have you contacted biovea? What did they say?

CC chargeback usually requires you to work with the merchant first. And should be a last resort.

From those trustpilot reviews it does seem like most people receive their order, it just takes a while. They are very responsive to trustpilot reviews so you could try leaving one if you are having trouble getting in touch with them through other methods.