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Retirement RRSP funds withdraw strategy

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  • Dec 11th, 2018 8:24 pm
Dec 10, 2018
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Retirement RRSP funds withdraw strategy

How much RRSP funds can I withdraw per year without affecting GIS?
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Nov 24, 2013
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GIS gets reduced by $1/mo for every $24 of income, or in annual terms, $0.50 on every dollar. ... ab1-1.html

It doesn’t matter if it’s CPP or if it’s RRIF, RRSP withdrawals, or if it’s income from renting out your basement. All income other than OAS/GIS reduces GIS. ... mount.html

TFSAs pose the only exception to this right now, because TFSA withdrawals aren’t income. Other possible ways to get GIS would be deferring all other retirement income until age 70 (CPP, RRSPs allow for this) so you can get GIS from 65-70, but that doesn’t make it a great idea.