Returning a Leased Vehicle During COVID-19

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Jul 23, 2019
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Returning a Leased Vehicle During COVID-19

My partner and I have a leased vehicle from Mazda (2016). Lease expires late september. We inquired about third-party inspection with the dealer and was told that inspections are being done when the vehicle is returned. We also inquired about the buyout value as of today and was told that we would need to come in to the dealership for this. I called Mazda financial services to validate dealership's answers and got a bit of maybe things will change prior to september, but confirmed that inspections will occur once the car is returned at the dealership.

A few questions/comments:
- kind of weird that they're asking us to come in to give us the buyout value?
- inspection is only being done essentially after lease expires? only being done once vehicle is returned.
- we have the residual value in the lease document, but wanted to get exact number including tax and admin costs - would inform discussions with another dealer.

Am wondering if this is all kosher or if we're being given a bit of run around.

thank you,
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Nice of them to do the inspection when you return the car. What if there are some unforeseen damages? Like a plastic piece broken off from underneath the car and now they want $500 to fix the $10 part? You won't have time left to remedy this problem.
Jul 23, 2019
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Exactly. It creates information asymmetry. Not only for potential increased costs from such situations as you've alluded to, but may also preempt me from wanting to keep it, not knowing if there will be costs to cover and to what extent. I'd have to go back to it, but fairly certain lease states that the inspection would occur before returning the car.
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doesn't your agreement show the admin fee too?
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There was a post on here already with a lease return that had a large surprise bill a month later. These post return inspections sound scary.
Make sure you get detailed pictures and/or video before you give it back.
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Nov 24, 2012
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AutoVIN has started the inspections again (I just called them and booked an appointment for closer to end of July).
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The dealership probably want you to go see them, then to upsell you something else.

When we buy out the lease, their Financial Service Manager Email me the exact numbers of the buy out.

OP, just insist to have the numbers Email to you.
Also, you do not have to lease buy out the car from the dealership which you originally leased the car, any Mazda dealership can do it.
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