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Reusing Old Gold Jewellery Questions

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Jan 14, 2006
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Reusing Old Gold Jewellery Questions

My partner had some gold jewellery handed down to her from her mother (a gold omega necklace) and she wants to re-purpose it into a wedding band and earring set.

In my research online I've read that melting down old gold isn't the best necessarily for making new jewellery, but then I found some places that say they can do it no problem (for yellow gold) and some other places that won't bother and will just give a credit for the old jewellery to use towards crafting new pieces. So we're not sure what really is the best way to go here.

The whole point of reusing the old jewellery was to bring down costs for the wedding band, with the added bonus of the sentimentality of it being from her mother, and the ethical implications of not buying new jewellery. With regards to the places that will melt down the gold and reuse it, are they not being completely honest about the quality of new jewellery we'd get? With regards to the places that will give a credit for the old jewellery, do they give fair value for it?

Can anyone enlighten us on what we should do and recommend reputable places that we could check out to make the new ring and earrings? We want to make sure that #1 the quality of the new pieces will be good, and then #2 that we get the best value for the old gold.