Review: Emirates Airline - UAE/DUBAI Visa application process

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Review: Emirates Airline - UAE/DUBAI Visa application process

Ok Just thought I'd put together my expereince with Emirates Airline in regards to receiving my visa for Dubai.

It took about 2 weeks aprox, Myself, Wife and 2 kids.

Everything was online, you scan photos of passport, address proof and take or scan passport photos and email it to them. The entire process was flawless, and hastle free imho.

I payed $76 US per person for a 30 day visit Visa, SINGLE ENTRY. Everything came to email, you print and take the visa with you.

If you don't fly with either Emirates or Etihad Airlines than you pay the regular $250 through the Ottawa Embassy.

If you have any questions, feel free..

(flying in march)
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Thanks a lot for the post! Amid all the confusion that different visa levels and their requirements are creating it is encouraging to hear that the visa process can work so well.

I'll be flying to Abu Dhabi with Etihad in mid-April and staying for a week. The plan is to stay at my relative's place. Looking at most of the visas it seems like 14 day, 30 day and 90 day visas aren't simply limited by days but have their own different requirements.

In addition, the documents required listed here ... ?Cul=en-US are pretty extensive and I can't help but wonder if that's just a generic page of requirements and one really needs only some of those documents for various visa types.

So I have a few questions that may explain these things a bit more.

1) How did you decide on getting a 30 day visa? Are you staying longer than 14 days?

2) Did you have to show proof of a hotel booking? Did you need more than just a reservation from expedia or whichever site you used to make the booking.

3) Did you have to submit any kind of financial records (bank statements, letter of employment...)?

Canada isn't even in the list of countries that a Tourist visa applies to which made things even more confusing ( ... ?Cul=en-US). But looking at UAE embassy's site and your experience I'd say that Canada not being in the list is an omission by the webmaster. Hence my doubts about what's actually required and what's old information.

I hope that you have a great vacation! And thanks a lot for your input!


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