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Dec 13, 2013
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review :

with all the mixed reviews from great to terrible, decided to give them a shot to see myself

the main reason i decided to purchase from smartbuy was that the tom ford eyeglasses i wanted were discontinued and optical stores are no longer able to order them in. smartbuy ended up having a very very similar pair so decided to give them a try considering their return policy

i ordered this tuesday and they arrived today to toronto via dhl. they shipped out the same day i ordered. i did get an email to pay customs and taxes and looked on smartbuys website and they said to send them the invoice and they will reimburse. i did so right away and received a response and refund email within 4 hours

i’ve attached photos comparing what i received to another 2 pairs of tom ford glasses i’ve purchased from optical stores here in toronto.

i do notice the frames are very light and assume it is due to having fake lenses in them at the moment. since the styles i own are completely different, i can’t provide an accurate comparison but providing images for all of you to have a look yourselves. the rose gold frames are from smartbuy while the 2 black frames are my own from local optical stores

the main difference i noticed is the box and case color’s differ slightly. now i don’t know if it’s because they could possibly be fake or just part of a different batch print from years ago as this style is apparently from 2017 compared to mine which were purchased this year and last year

my overall experience with smartbuy was geeat, quick and seamless with no issues. i personally would shop there again but would probably do another comparison to items i own from the same brand

anyways, i haven’t decided if i’ll keep them, they didn’t look as amazing on as i hoped. i have been having a hard time finding the right shape, size and color and these ones were close. in my own personal opinion, even if these are fake, they still are what i was looking for and serve their function as eyeglasses so i don’t particularly think it makes a difference if they are fake. there are some who have reviewed and said the glasses they received were so light, hey i’d definitely take lighter the better…they’re more comfortable anyways!

as always, take this review with a grain of salt
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