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Review: Teriyaki Plus OTTAWA (Japanese food)

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  • Feb 28th, 2006 2:12 am
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Aug 19, 2005
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Review: Teriyaki Plus OTTAWA (Japanese food)

Here is my review of Teriyaki Plus at 132 Bank st (at Slater across from the Starbux).

Teriyaki plus has very good tempura meals that are just as good as all the other fancy restaurants around.
I esp like the Seafood Tempura (contains 5 big shrimp, 2 crabstiks, 2 med peices of salmon, rice, steamed vegetables), Very affordable at 8.95

Mix tempura is also great and has different vegetables like zuchinni, sweet patato, mushrooms sometimes and other vegetables depending) cost 7.95

or you can get just Veg tempura for 6.97

For sushi I recomend the shrimp tempura sushi 6pc cost 4.95
made while u wait and the peices are quite big compared to other places

Also tempura veg sushi 4.95, contains tempura sweet patato, carrot and zuchinni I think...

last week they added the "rainbow" roll and it is $8 I think.
made w tempura soft shell crab, avocado, lettuce, salmon eggs and a few other things.
Was a very big portion and I have only seen this go for 15+ in other places.
so pretty impressed with that.

they also have a Bento box for $10 that has 3 gyoza, 3 tempura shrimp, teriyaki chicken, rice and 6pc sushi- 3 california rolls + 3 cucumber rolls.
(I substititued fried tofu for the chicken and they put sauce on that and it was very good...yummy).
-at an eat in place this meal would definitely cost 7 dollars more plus a tip.

My only "complaints" about the restaurant are the there are no deserts usually and the not too many choices of drinks.
They have soft drinks and green tea and ice green tea (arizona one).

They also have a liquor licence and serve beer and sake if you that is aplus.

The service is also good and very quick.
But if you go at lunch it is sometimes hard to get a table as they fill up quickly.

they have a website but the whole menu is not up

i can probably sca the menu i have but don't know how to post it..

-I also have nothing to do with this place. I just eat there 4 times a's near where I take the bus alot. :)

-and 4 cheap ppl california rolls for the reg ones are 4 pc for $3.... :D
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Feb 3, 2004
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Excellent Review, I've been looking for a good Japanese place in Ottawa!
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Aug 19, 2005
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I also like New Generation sushi at 150 laurier near elgin.
they are very good, very interesting meny w lots of cooked sushi...not open afternoons though and much slower service.
also way more expensive..can't afford to eat there too often. spent $20 on 2 orders of sushi (inc tip + tax and was not full at all...a whle meal is more like $ a once in a while treat maybe)
so not good if u are in a rush or need 2 get back to work in 1 hour. (very good service tho and they do say "call ahead" on their take out menu, only had 1 person working when i was there...)

will post my review tommorow

Also, I like that Teriyaki plus is open all afternoon as it is take out also.
So, you can still get very good tempura/sushi at 3pm when other eat in japanese places are closed.

they are usually open till 9pm every day and closed sundays I think...
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Jul 4, 2005
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Thanks for the review ... I may make it down for lunch. Keep it up.
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Aug 19, 2005
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if anyone is ging to try these 2 places.

I'd like to know what you had and what you thought of the food.

Esp at New Generation!

At Teriyaki plus I looove the vegetable Tempura.......sooo goood! :D
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