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Roam Mobility, Freedompop or something else????

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  • Aug 14th, 2017 2:46 pm
Jun 11, 2005
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Roam Mobility, Freedompop or something else????

We will be travelling to Florida this summer.

We just found out that the condo where we are staying will not have any cable, wifi or telephone service while we are there.

We are travelling with our school aged children and don't want to spend our time in front of a screen, however, we don't want to be stuck without anything at all. I'm not sure how much data we might need, however, I would like to have the ability to top up if we need to.

We have Samsung S4 phones (2) which we hope to buy some type of package to have data coverage. We haven't unlocked the phones, but would look into that if we need to.

I've looked at previous threads about Freedompop. Many complain about 'extra' charges. I'm afraid of getting some of those. However, it seems as though you can buy smaller plans, and then add if we need to.

I've also looked at Roam Mobility and it seems like it is more expensive but would give us more than we would need in terms of a plan. It's about $80 US for unlimited text, talk and 12 gigs data. It seems that the reliability of the coverage is really good too. I was hoping to spend less than $80 though.

I would need to create hotspots for our other devices. Would this be a problem with these plans?

Are there any other suggestions?

Does anyone have anything to share regarding these 2 companies?

Another option might be to use our iPads rather than our cell phones. I'm not sure if the iPads are cellular, I would need to check that. Would they need to be unlocked if they are?
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Aug 20, 2008
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Just get a few freedompop SIMs with different emails, downgrade everything and change your card on file to a prepaid one.
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Oct 30, 2006
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elwebmaster wrote: Just get a few freedompop SIMs with different emails, downgrade everything and change your card on file to a prepaid one.
Needs a phone that works on Sprint's network.

I have a freedompop phone, no extra only on the free plan and have 1GB (added friends to my circle0random online people I don't know LOL) been great in Vegas, Detroit, Myrtle Beach and Buf/Niagara area. Mine is a cheap LG F3 was $25 US purchased from them and had it shipped to CBIUSA in Niagara Falls NY, never paid anything else except when I click to get a new number, but a quick message reversed that charge. I also have a Freedompop USB Modem (don't really use it anymore as we don't bring a laptop with us) you can transfer data between friends so I add 100MB to my phone from the USB modem each time I travel to the US. $50~ Canadian got me all setup.
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Aug 20, 2008
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No, that's not true, the FreedomPop Global SIM gets 750MB per email per month which you can use with any unlocked phone.
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Sep 23, 2013
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naticom wrote: How can I use T mobile plan on Roam Mobility SIM card? Any tutorial?
No. RM is a Canadian company whereas T Mobile is a US corporation. RM uses the network of T Mobile though.

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