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ROGERS Gigabit home network setup

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  • Jun 15th, 2016 2:07 pm
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Nov 18, 2008
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ROGERS Gigabit home network setup

I have CAT5E wired from the builder so everything terminate in the basement. So I had the Rogers guy put the modem in basement and I plugged in all CAT5E cables into the modem. I have an existing DLINK DIR850L router that I would like to use as a bridge router on the second floor as a wireless point. I did the LAN to LAN connection between the two routers and disabled DHCP on the DLINK router. The problem now is that the second router doesn't officially support bridge mode and the speed through the second router either by wire or wifi is extremely slow!!

I get about 850Mbps from the second floor by Ethernet directly connected to the modem on the basement. If I connect to the second router by wifi or Ethernet, I get like 50Mbps and overalls internet seems laggy.

Now, I tried the LAN to the WAN port on the second router and I can achieve really good speed, this lead me to think that my second router doesn't have a true bridge mode to turn off all routing slow causing the slow down. Connecting this way lost the benefit of all devices on single network.

Any other suggestions on how I would set this whole thing up. Basically all my Ethernet terminate in the basement and I want good coverage of wifi on the second floor. One thing I'm aware is that I won't get even close to gigabit through wifi but I just want similar speed when connecting my second router to the main router using the LAN to WAN method.

Maybe buy a router that supports bridge mode?
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Dec 12, 2009
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OP, keep dreaming if you want gigabit wireless. You can achieve that with wired.