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Rogers Ignite TV

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Feb 26, 2020
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Rogers Ignite TV

I was talked into Ignite by a Rogers sales person because they would give it to me for less money per month than my regular cable. I have had 4 technicians including the first installer come to try to fix it and NO ONE can fix it! So I've wasted 4 days coming home from work to let the technicians in and they still can't fix it! On 2 of the 4 TVs, the sound gradually falls more and more behind the picture so the picture and audio are totally out of synch! It looks like I'm watching a poorly dubbed movie! It's SO irritating! Since installation, they've sent 3 technicians including a "senior" technician and none of them know how to fix it. I was promised that if the senior technician couldn't fix it, they would switch me back to regular cable TV and now they are REFUSING to do that! The 2 TVs where it's not functioning properly are virtually new and they're blaming my TV! Why are they rolling this out when they haven't got the bugs worked out! They refuse to do anything about it after being promised that I could switch back to regular cable if they couldn't fix it. Now I've got perfectly good cable boxes that I purchased years ago that I can't even use anymore! What a sham!
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Sep 30, 2015
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York, ON
Did the tech guys try a new modem and tv boxes? I would ask them to replace all of them. How far away are the tv boxes from the modem. How big is your house? Did they install pods (mesh system pods) to increase wifi signal? They screw up my wifi buy installing pods too close to the modem and I had to unplug them to get back the good wifi signal.
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Feb 24, 2007
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Rogers Customer Relations> Rogers (Office of the President)

someone will call you. I have dealt with the Rogers OTP several times and always the issues were resolved but if you want to get things moving try also CCTS
Oct 11, 2013
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Just switch to a different provider... Cable in general compared to Bell Fibe is just unreliable. We had cogeco cable for years and every few days, you know the drill... Reset the modem. Bell Fibe? Not one outage.
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Feb 24, 2003
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I switched to IPTV about the weeks ago and I find it works quite well on my hisense TV.

Not sure why the audio affects only 2/4 TVs though.

Is the IPTV box connected directly to the TV or through a receiver?