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Rogers Ignite TV - audio/video out of sync?

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  • Feb 27th, 2020 1:01 pm
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Aug 23, 2013
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Rogers Ignite TV - audio/video out of sync?

Hi all,
We recently switched to Ignite TV (what a mistake) and my dad has ALS so he watches TV all day long. I switched because I was trying to save my parents money by bundling up the services.
We’ve been having an issue where the audio does not match the video after the TV box is running for hours.
The only solution is to reset the box which is a nuisance every single day.
We’ve tried wired and wireless connections and the signal coming into the house is great.
The Rogers tech (3rd party) came back to install those wireless pods (I am not sure why as the modem is right beside my dads TV) all over the house with the same results.
Does anyone have any recommendations? We love the features of the ignite boxes but the desync is extremely annoying..
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Dec 28, 2004
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our house still 1080p so we are not on ignite or any 4k boxes; have 1 nextbox 3pvr, 3 digital boxes, home phone and internet 75 and premier cable in 3 story house counting basement as a floor

can be lots of issues as it is wired/wireless and you have different tv's

test streaming those same tv channels to tablets, phones, laptops or desktops and see if have issue

rogers can be a pain from time to time as we have had for over 40 yrs and every time hardware upgraded an issue going from nextbox 1 to now nextbox 3 on non ignite; sometimes rogers is working in the area to upgrade or construction or fixes on the infrastructure ( they recently upgraded our block to newer wiring at centralized box so we had many hours of downtime on multiple days ); we have had many times off hours and prime time when cable working but internet and home phone down; we have 1 pvr and 3 digital boxes but ll wired as I still don't trust wireless as reliable full connection atleast for tv as we don't have smart tv's and we only have internet 75 so for tv would want 1000 or 1500 constant speed for hd/4k

we have also had times when audio/video out of sync and that was corrected next day after some rogers update to the pvr as they are constantly updating the firmware or patches to the boxes but no advance or present notice of what they fix and when unlike microsoft windows that tells you what is going to be updated and what they have fixed :) bell no different from listening to family on various problems depending on what you buy and where you live

hard to tell what your problem is if it is still happening after few days and you have soft or hard reset your rogers boxes to get latest update after re-booting; at our fuse box we have a splitter for internet/cable as well as some white box splitter that goes to internet/cable and home phone box that was added by rogers tech that amplifies the signals

is it happening on all your tv's or just 1 - each brand of tv behaves differently as we have insignia's, lg, seiki; the insignias need manual intervention sometimes as the rogers boxes don't like them much while the lg has no issues and seiki sometimes needs manual intervention to reboot pvr

again we don't have smart tv's so i don't stream to tv's; in terms of that make sure each smart tv on latest update or firmware from the manufacturer as hardware has bugs and you have no control of the rogers hardware other than rebooting or complaining to rogers or changing the digital box/pvr that are sometimes buggy as well

do your neighbours have rogers and have same sync problems if on ignite or if not on ignite and just regular various rogers packages have same problem?

connect tv directly to cable closest to where it comes into the house if at fuse box to see if the issue is based on distance as in wifi signal and wifi hardware issues or even wired to see if wired works close to entry and doesn't work further away as in other floors ( for me I have my tv and devices in basement so i am closest to wired/wifi signal while the other 2 floors have slower wireless strength but work fine on wired as house is fully cat 5 cabled in almost every room/floor )

these are just some of the things i can tell you as again you need some input from others on ignite and if possible the exact hardware/tv's you are using that are having problems
Jan 25, 2019
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Hi, I have ignite tv . The first week, it was lagging but after restarting it a couple of times, it worked fine. If yours is constant, I suggest you talk to Rogers, maybe the box is faulty.
Feb 26, 2020
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I was talked into Ignite by a Rogers sales person because they would give it to me for less money per month than my regular cable. I have had 4 technicians including the first installer come to try to fix it and NO ONE can fix it! So I've wasted 4 days coming home from work to let the technicians in and they still can't fix it! On 2 of the 4 TVs, the sound gradually falls more and more behind the picture so the picture and audio are totally out of synch! It looks like I'm watching a poorly dubbed movie! It's SO irritating! Since installation, they've sent 3 technicians including a "senior" technician and none of them know how to fix it. I was promised that if the senior technician couldn't fix it, they would switch me back to regular cable TV and now they are REFUSING to do that! The 2 TVs where it's not functioning properly are virtually new and they're blaming my TV! Why are they rolling this out when they haven't got the bugs worked out! They refuse to do anything about it after being promised that I could switch back to regular cable if they couldn't fix it. What a sham!