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Jan 18, 2008
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I'm using 2.4G. The range on the Hitron is horrendous regardless..
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Dec 9, 2010
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Wifi, thats all the explanation you need for the huge difference of experiences. The only advice we can give to make the modem work as best as possible is make sure its in the center of the house, dont box it in anywhere, keep anything else that could interfere with the wifi at least a few feet away. A dedicated router will almost always be better than a "gateway", if it isnt you bought a really crappy router.

also a proper explanation of 5G, its not limited to 20ft, 5G doesnt have quite the same range as 2.4 especially when going through multiple walls etc... BUT if you have a lot of 2.4 interference it can often be the better option. As with everything wifi your experience will vary depending on 101 different factors.
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Mar 1, 2004
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euphoria24 wrote: I recently switched over to Rogers Hybrid Fibre 60 (60 down/10 up) and it was required that i switch my old modem to the new CGN3ROG. I've checked countless forums and reviews about this and the range is beyond HORRIBLE. My house is about 2200sq feet and I can barely receive 1 bar across the house. The Rogers rep told me that this modem is the best out there... clearly not. What can I do to extend the range? Do i need to buy a new router or would some minor tweaks do the trick?

Exactly what service, router, wifi, modem did you have before that actually worked?
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Aug 20, 2012
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euphoria24 wrote: I'm using 2.4G. The range on the Hitron is horrendous regardless..
Strange, mine is in the basement and I'm getting full bars throughout the house including the 3rd floor attic. You prolly got a defective one. Wouldnt doubt it. When I got the NB 3.0 for cable I had to swap 4 of them in a row before I got one in good working order. Robbers sucks in that regard. You dont know which are new and which are refurbished if you cant see the mfg date.
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