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Rogers not honouring their discount.

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  • May 13th, 2011 2:15 pm
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Mar 7, 2010
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Rogers not honouring their discount.

Last may we signed a 2 year contract with rogers who took over the tv service in our building. Since we had corporate cell phone plan with them as well, we couldn't receive the bundle discount on that. So we told them to give us 15% off on all other services (phone/internet) exempting the cell phone and they agreed. Then this may they just stopped and cancelled the discount out of the blue. The rep said it was cancelled and cant honour it. They are only giving us 10% now rather than the 15. I don't know why...last may another rep let us have the 15% on everything else and we were getting it until our recent few bills.
How can I get this sorted out?
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Feb 7, 2006
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you can call and try to complain, if it doesn't work, well... then your SOL

something similar happened to me, i got a crazy good cellphone plan, only to have it cancelled after 1 month. they said they made a mistake, after about 3 calls that went nowhere, i realized I wasn't going to get anywhere
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Apr 22, 2009
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rogers sucks

i moved out on my own
there was a deal if you had one rogers service you would get basic cable for free (15.99 off any other cable)

so the rogers rep in my area gave me internet on thursday and told me to call back fri and activate cable
so the system would see i have rogers internet already

but on rogers end they applied the 3 month free on internet so 'couldn't give me 15.99 discount on cable'
so i took 3 months free internet and cable and was supposed to get free hd rental for the year
but now looks like i wont get that

so now my internet cable is 140 a month :evil:
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Feb 23, 2008
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OP you need to get in touch with Bellvictim ASAP. Please let him know that I refered you from the retentions thread - that guy is your last hope.

Please see this link below.
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Mar 7, 2010
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mrperfect wrote: OP you need to get in touch with Bellvictim ASAP. Please let him know that I refered you from the retentions thread - that guy is your last hope.

Please see this link below.

This is a great link! Thanks. However we had resolved it via retentions before you posted. They gave us a large discount on internet and some more on tv/phone. However I will definitely bookmark this for the future because undoubtedly we will run into a situation like this again.
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Mar 19, 2007
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I renewed cable & TV back in January but Rogers still haven't properly applied the discounts in the system. I called more than 10 times since Feb and wasted many hours talking to different reps (some even say there isn't any note for the discounts even though I have a reference #). Will definitely try the link above if problem can't be resolved through retention.
Dec 15, 2010
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I had a terrible experience with Bell so I switched to Rogers and they have messed up a few things but the difference is they take responsibility for it and they'll usually give you incentives too. I've found the best time to call Rogers is fri, sat, or sun mornings FYI. Glad to hear you got your problem sorted out!
May 12, 2011
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Rogers has no need to give anyone a discount,and when they do,they do it without any rhyme,or reason it seems.I knew of one iPhone deal who happened to be a municipal government employee.Their plan included unlimited data,calling,sms,mms back in 2010 when NO such public plan existed with the defacto carriers.The plan was for real because we tethered using his iPhone on more than one occasion.Rogers is a part of a Klan that has a choke hold on Canadians who want to be online,or still have a television.Super shocked when MP Tony Clement actually went there,and publicly wanted competition in the mobile industry: ... ompetition