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Mar 12, 2004
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deck05 wrote: Ontario.
Mentioned the 55$ 10gb (just threw out a number I saw in here).
Called the customer service (1 888 764-3771) asking for some offers. Rep says there was none so I told him I will be cancelling the line and will go to Koodo instead. They sent me to retention after that. I asked to cancel my line to a future date and that's where negotiations started.
If you were on a win back, were you still on contract? how did you go from contract to BYOD?
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Oct 28, 2004
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Ported over to Rogers from telus today. $50 down for an iPhone 11 128gb, $115/month infinite plan. Got the Sonos speaker and the Samsung tablet with 24 months free shared data. Got a phone case (otterbox) for free, and they threw in a phone cable when I bought a screen protector (which was pretty expensive at $38 but I have a baby that loves to throw things and I didn’t have time to go elsewhere to get it).

Also visited WOW mobile who had offered the iPhone XR 64gb with telus for $0 down (but taxes up front of $60 that you can use the giftcards to pay for), 2x $50 bill credits, and $350 in visa/MasterCard (I forget which) giftcards and $50 store credit plus $150 for trade in of any old phone. On a $75/month plan for 10gbs. Seemed like a good deal but the tablet+Sonos+newer phone won out.
Sep 14, 2010
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squall458 wrote: If you were on a win back, were you still on contract? how did you go from contract to BYOD?
I paid the remaining balance on my phone then he switched me over.
Oct 29, 2019
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deck05 wrote: I managed to get 50$ 15gb BYOD. I went through their retentions and told them I got a good offer from Koodo. My previous plan was a win-back promotion last year.
Is it a $50 plan so that it will be ongoing at that price even after two years? Or did they give you the $70 plan and somehow give you a $20 discount for some period of time?