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[YMMV] [EPP] 25GB Infinite Plan $52.50/mo, Galaxy S21 5G $7.75/mo Upfront Edge

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  • Sep 18th, 2021 10:28 am
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lifemusic wrote: Hi, I had a lengthy conversation with Rogers about this and they confirmed that they are giving customers discount on the device but federal regulations prevent them from not taxing customers for the full device cost. It didn't make sense but they were adamant and would not budge as I was not informed of this when I signed up. You might want to check with them as my bill does not add up unless I add tax of full device.
My bill adds up to what I've described. My device is taxed at full cost, device credit is taken off service side and I pay tax on the reduced service total, therefore I'm really only paying tax on the reduced cost of the device......just in a very convoluted way.

My plan is a $45 per month plan and my phone is an additional $15 per month after credit and that comes to $67.21 with taxes. (financing total cost and not using Upfront Edge)

Here's how it's billed

Device Billing
-financed device monthly device payment $31.25 (based on full device cost of $750)
-financed device monthly device payment GST $1.57
-financed device monthly device payment PST $2.19
-total device cost $35.01 per month

Service Billing
-monthly plan cost $45
-credit: financing program promotion $16.25
-total monthly plan cost $28.75
-GST $1.44 (5% of $28.75)
-PST $2.01 (7% of $28.75)
-total cost of service $32.20

Total monthly cost $35.01+$32.20=$67. 21

As you can see, you are paying taxes on the total cost of the device (or total cost of upfront edge) but that amount of tax is reduced because of the credit on the service side.
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I’d love the 25GB for $52.50 but I don’t have that option. Is that plan expired already?

Only these:
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chooraymond wrote: I’d love the 25GB for $52.50 but I don’t have that option. Is that plan expired already?

Only these:
Yeah sorry looks like deal is expired
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