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Roku lockdown

Roku has always kept their platform tightly locked down, only allowing apps (channels) to be installed through the Roku store. But you could distribute unpublished unofficial apps via the store by using an access code. That ends next month:

"In October, Roku announced the sunsetting of non-certified channels, which will occur on February 23, 2022. We wanted to remind you that when the sunset occurs, all non-certified channels will be disabled across all Roku devices. This means that after February 23rd, 2022:

Users will no longer be able to install or launch non-certified channels.
Unpublished channels can no longer be installed via a vanity access code.
All non-certified channels will be removed from the Developer Dashboard.
Before the sunset, developers can migrate their non-certified channels to beta or public channels.

Beta channels: Developers who currently use a non-certified channel as a mechanism for testing pre-release versions of their streaming channels can use the beta channel feature. Note that the limit on the number of beta channels that can be used by a developer account was increased from 2 to 10 in November.

Public channels: Developers who want to continue providing uninterrupted access to the content on their non-certified channel at scale can migrate it to a public channel.
Please contact Partner Success if you have any questions about this reminder."

Updates are forced on Roku, so when they decide to change or remove something, you can't prevent it from disappearing.
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Sounds like Apple's model. Walled garden so they can help reign in the quality/content.
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