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[Rona.ca] Portable Concrete Mixer - 4 cu. ft. Drum - 115 L - $179.00

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  • Apr 21st, 2019 9:59 am
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Aug 15, 2015
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Rlcky wrote: Anyone know how much cost pouring concrete per Sqft?
Sqf means nothing without thickness. You need cubic ft for volume price of concrete.
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Jan 13, 2004
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I bought one of these at princess auto 4 years ago I believe for the same price. I have put that little machine through hell and it still works perfect. I did a small 5ft x 7ft pad for a second shed, A concrete countertop for my outdoor kitchen, fence holes about 24 of them and a finish coat of Portland cement and vermiculite mix on my pool floor. I can say I have mixed over 200 bags of cement and its never let me down. I spray down the drum including the motor area after I used it and no problems,I have also left it in the pouring rain. Honestly if u are going to do projects around your property buy one of these its totally worth it.
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Apr 30, 2009
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I have the Canadian Tire version. Same thing, different paint.
Solid and reliable. Just don’t overload it or it will struggle and not mix well.
The drum will get chipped and rust. Any mixer will.
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Jul 4, 2004
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You are $150/yard ish with a $400-500 minimum charge for concrete delivered in a standard mix. Use a concrete calculator to see how far this will take you.

There is time savings involved in not having to buy, load, mix, etc many many bags of concrete mix.

I paid $400 for 3 deck footings - delivered and ready to go without fuss. I could have mixed my own, sure, but at what real savings? I mixed probably 30 bags in my basement to patch drain work and level some other areas (mixed by hand wheelbarrow style) - and that was a complete waste of time.
Jan 10, 2005
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zeon64 wrote: Princess Auto sells a 5cu model for $199 quite often with last time six weeks ago. While it's $20 more than this it does allow 3.5cu ft for mixing which is 0.5 more than Rona model. There is also parts catalog available which may be worth the extra investment. The only thing is this weekend it's tax free at Rona so you could be looking at about $50 more to go with princess auto model when it's $199+tax.
That model is also sold at Harbor Freight, very good reviews. Rated at 3.5cu ft btw. 5 cu ft is max drum capacity. Basically uses a smaller motor with bigger pulley. No mention of the motor being wash down certified. For the same money I think I would still pick the Yardmax clone, but both will do the job.