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Jun 3, 2021
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roofed deck post

As you can see from the plans i made, i wanted to use a 10 feet 6x6 post that would have a beam attached at the bottom about 24 inches to support the joist. The same post will also support a beam on top for the roofs joist.

Just wanted a opinion why the city would want me to use a 8x8 post here. I will attach the roof joist to the beams as seen in the TACBOC Standard image i added and was told to do so.

They also want me to use 4 -2"x12" on the post for the beam for the roof rafter support. Seem like overkill imo

The other side of the joist is attached to a double ledger

If this seems right, any idea where to get 8x8 post or should i question this? in Caledon by the way.

Screenshot (39).png
Screenshot (40).png
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Likely because the load of the roof+snow will be very heavy and the load will be transferred out to the furthest post and down. The furthest posts will support not only the deck but the roof+snow. That's my thought on why those have to be beefier.
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4 2 x is bigger than 6 x 6. U don t mention length of beam nor number of posts under beam or location. 4 2 x 12 likely means u have a beam span of 12 to 14 ft i m guessing.
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The heavy framing will be for snow load.

You probably won't be able to challenge the city's design requirements unless you hire an engineer to draw up and stamp alternate plans for you. Installing 4x 2x12 will be cheaper than hiring an engineer.

What's the span between the posts?
Jun 3, 2021
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Yes looks like the larger post and beam are for the span between post , just less then 12 feet. Thanks to all for mentioning that, will probably make some changes to my plans and make it a open roof design.


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