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Roofing Cost Comparison Help

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Mar 30, 2011
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Roofing Cost Comparison Help

Hi guys,

My roof was damaged during the storm and we need to get it entirely replaced. It's a flat roof. We've gotten two quotes on the opposite spectrum of pricing, so would like any help on figuring out which is best to go with.

Option 1: 20k
  • Remove Parapet Cap Flashing system.
  • Remove Curb mount Skylight System if required and prep for reuse.
  • Remove and dispose of 1 layer of Modified Bitumen and corresponding substrates.
  • Prep Scupper Drainage systems.
  • Install Commercial grade ice and water shield Flashings at sloped/Flat Roof tie in.
  • Install complete non perpherated Felt at Field.
  • Install complete 1" ISO Insulation Board at Field.
  • Install complete granulated Fiber-Glass Fire Protection Rolls.
  • Install 1/8" Fire-Protection Board at Field.
  • Install(if required), Fiberglass Can t strip at Parapets.
  • Prime Anchors.
  • Install 2.2 Modified Bitumen Base.
  • Install Primed, Fascia drip edge.
  • Install Primed Alluminum Breather Vents if required.
  • Install Primed, Alluminum High-Dome Exhaust Flange.
  • Install 250 Modified Bitumen granulated Cap.
  • Reinstall Skylight functions.
  • Reinstall Parapet Cap Flashing systems.
  • Install new Architectural Asphalt at Sloped Roof tie in.
  • Seal and sister contributing Flat Roof functions;
  • Metal/Asphalt edges,
  • Skylight,
  • Parapet Cap Flashing system where needed.
  • Front Porch Addition-
  • Remove and dispose of Eavestrough system.
  • Remove and dispose of 1 layer of Asphalt Shingles.
  • Inspect contributing Wood substrate systems.
  • Concerns;
  • Fields Board system may be an issue. Resheet may be required(new Plywood over-top of existing).
  • Install custom fabricated Drip-edge Flashing at Fascia if required.
  • Install complete Grace Underlayment.
  • Install Cambridge Lt Architectural Asphalt at sloped Roof.
  • Install custom fabricated Gable Flashing at Gables.
  • Install 5" Alluminum Eavestrough.
  • Seal and sister contributing sloped Roof functions;
  • Wall Flashing systems where needed,
  • Anchor system at Gable Flashings,
  • Eavestrough systems.

Option 2: 10k
  • Tear off existing flat roof
  • Install a layer of protectaboard (mechanically fastened) – entire roof
  • Install first ply- SBS base sheet
  • Install second cap sheet – granulated (granulated SBS)
  • Install new drip edge metal flashing
  • Prime drip edge metal flashing with asphalt primer
  • Reflash with membrane existing skylight
  • Remove 30 SF of existing shingles, overlap flat roof 3 FT and then install new
shingles (approx. 30 SF)

Trying to figure out if the 10k one is doing just bare min or if the 20k is going over the top? Any help would be great.