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[Royal Bank] RBC Rewards 30% off gift cards - Cyber Monday Only

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Nov 1, 2007
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Roger21 wrote:
Dec 18th, 2018 2:35 pm
Anyone receive anything yet? I ordered 5 cards and received 1 today only.
I received 1 set of cards last week, oddly enough the last ones I ordered and of the cheapest value. Still awaiting on the rest, so curious as well if anyone else has faced the same issue.
Mar 15, 2016
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I got in touch with them via their contact form because they sent the $10 Cineplex GC but didn't send the $100 Amazon GC I had redeemed.

Apparently they ran out of $100 Amazon GCs, so they refunded me the normal value of a $100 redemption. They said there is currently no date for them to be back in stock... weird.
Dec 2, 2018
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I am still waiting on my gift card. I called RBC they said they sent it by courier but there is no tracking number which I found odd, especially considering it’s a 500$ GC.

Anyone else received theirs yet?
Mar 11, 2018
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Nothing yet! Ordered 170 for Amazon. My gf ordered at the same time a petro card and got it a week later.
Jun 2, 2010
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I ordered a few gift cards and, except for Amazon, got them all in early December. A large amount one was delivered by UPS and the small ones were in my mailbox.

I called today about the Amazon cards and the agent didn't explain why I hadn't received them, but said he'd refund the points. When I asked him to reissue the Amazon cards he said they were out of stock and didn't know when they would be available again. I explained that I wasn't satisfied with the points refund and he offered me decent # of bonus points, but not enough to make up the difference with the current value of what I'd ordered. I asked for that value (It took some quick math while I was on the phone!) and he gave it to me.

More people who haven't got their cards yet in this thread: 30-off-all-gift-cards-including-amazon- ... 242901/11/
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Dec 29, 2004
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Finally got a UPS notification through the MyChoice service, Amazon cards I ordered are set to be delivered tomorrow. (originally ordered on Nov 26th)
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